How to fold a T-shirt

Watch the video below and see how to fold a T-Shirt in seconds

Want to learn how to fold a T-Shirt in seconds?

It’s not as hard as you may think and will save you hours of T-Shirt folding time.

Follow the video or these 4 simple steps and start folding your T-Shirts like a boss (or retail assistant)

1. Layout and pinch Lay your t-shirt face up and draw an imaginary line across the middle of the T-shirt.At the intersection of this line, and 1/4 of the way in from the edge of your T-Shirt, pinch the fabric with your right forefinger and thumb at point A.


2.  Pinch the T-Shirt shoulder Using your left hand, follow the line up the T-shirt from point A up to the T-shirt shoulder. Pinch the shoulder seam at point B. Now cross your left hand behind your right and down to the bottom hem at point C.


3. Pinch and unfold the T-Shirt Pinch your original shoulder at point B into the bottom hem at point C. You should now be holding the top and bottom of the T-shirt in your left hand pinch. Now, quickly unfold your arms, and let the T-Shirt fall into place.


4.  Finishing T-Shirt fold You should now be pinching either ends of a straight T-shirt edge (points A and points B+C), with one sleeve hanging loose, To finish the T-shirt folding, just lay the T-shirt back down so that this loose arm folds neatly underneath the T-Shirt. That’s it, your T-Shirt has been folder in a matter of seconds and you can go and buy some more T-Shirts.


Now, go and buy some new T-Shirts to fold!


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